Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance women‘s lives by providing the safest, most effective and highest quality of gynecologic reconstructive, cosmetic and aesthetic services.

Sepulveda Reconstructive & Cosmetic Gynecology

Our practice has been dedicated to the care of women for over twenty five years. We are a private fee for service practice with an emphasis in customer service. There are no physician extenders in our practice. All treatments are provided by Dr. Sepulveda. Our facility has hosted physicians from the US and abroad at all levels of training, from residency programs through fellowships and established clinical practice. Our practice provides consultation services to physicians in the care of their patients. Once the specific problem is addressed the patient is expected to continue care with their gynecologists or primary care provider.

We have had a dedicated urodynamics and anorectal physiology diagnostic with over ten thousand separate studies. Our urodynamics laboratory has the capability for voiding studies and the concurrent use of electromyography. Our anorectal physiology testing unit is the most modern computerized system for the evaluation of defecatory dysfunction, fecal incontinence and constipation. We provide endoscopic procedures at the office including cystourethroscopy and hysteroscopy, allowing us to provide these services without the need for the patient to incur into the financial expense and the anesthesia of the operating room. Given the specialized nature of our services a 3D pelvic floor ultrasound was integrated into the practice. This is a highly specialized type of ultrasound assessment of the bladder, rectum, pelvic floor support and muscles. Its use has proven very useful in the surgical planning of the repair of pelvic organ prolapse and in the evaluation of implants used in the repair of urinary incontinence. This novel ultrasound technology complements the existing transanal 360 degrees ultrasound technology used for over ten years at our facility. The impact of our ultrasound technology dedicated exclusively to the evaluation of prolapse and incontinence extends beyond the clinical benefits as in most cases it allows to avoid or defer a pelvic floor MRI with added comfort and cost savings without sacrificing diagnostic accuracy.

Our cellular therapy program for the use of Platelet Rich Plasma has become a highly requested service. We use a Magellan system, a decision that was based on quality and safety. The Magellan system for the process of Platelet Rich Plasma answers to the need of a cell concentrator, not just a cell separator. An FDA cleared single use kit in a closed system provides the highest degree of safety for the production of Platelet Rich Plasma to be used on the same patient. The applications of this therapy through the O-Shot, our Vampire procedures, Lichen (vulvar dystrophy), abnormally healed wounds, inflammatory processes of the bladder, painful intercourse and fistulae continue to benefit patients that have used a myriad of therapies without success as well as those seeking cosmetic enhancement of the face, breast and genitalia.